Fragas do Eume

Fragas do Eume The magic of the forest

Fragas do Eume were declared a Nature Reserve in 1997. It is one of the best preserved riparian Atlantic forests in Europe. The river Eume has its source in Serra do Xistral and flows into the sea in Pontedeume. It is about 100 km long and has carved a deep canyon in its final stretch where the banks host the forests that are named after it.

The thick vegetation transforms the landscape through the seasons with a variety of colours that are a real treat for the senses. Oaks and chestnuts along with birches, willows, hazels, hollies, laurels and yews make up these magical forests, apart from a wide variety of Tertiary relict mosses and ferns. It is also easy to encounter native wildlife species, rightful inhabitants of this unique place.

A lot to see Live the forests

The dense forests hide countless trails and paths, most of which run along the river or nearby. There is a wide choice of routes such as the Camiño da Ventureira, Paso da Vella, the summits of Sanguiñedo or Pena
Fesa (bike accessible), all of them dotted with a great variety of mushrooms during the autumn.

fragas eume

In the surroundings of the river Eume there are several companies which organise varied activities along the river banks and kayak routes that go through the most beautiful areas of the forests.

From the Mosteiro de Caaveiro until Monfero, passing by the Torre de Andrade, there are plenty of historical treasures and museums devoted to the local and traditional culture, as well as different archaelogical sites. Old building relics such as centenary watermills or bridges share the landscape with religious and feudal remains.

fragas eume